Promoting Diversity through what we do best: Making Games!


So over the past few weeks I’ve beeb planning “Rainbow Game Jam ‘16”, a 2 week game jam organised to celebrate and promote diversity within the game industry.

The game jam is a product of some planning and feedback through the Scottish Rainbow Game Dev. Group. The group was created to create a community around the LGBT+ identifying and allied community in Scotland, to allow for a safe space for communication, meet new people, and to be able to host regular meetups in the various Scottish cities.

The game jam will run from 20th August to 4th September, to encourage as much time as possible for participants to create and submit games. The game jam is open to the public.

The page and facebook event for the game jam are now live, and the support so far has been fantastic!

I’m currently looking for sponsors for prizes for the game jam, in a way to reward jammers for participation and for quality games. If you like to discuss this drop me a message or an email at