About Me

I’m a hardworking, strong willed, and dedicated person, I throw myself at every available opportunity with passion and enthusiasm. I am thoroughly interested in computer games development; playing an active role in curricular and extracurricular projects throughout my university career and since starting my career to further my own knowledge, experience, and skills to prepare myself for working in the games industry.

I have strong attention for detail, with a passion to meet high standards of work both for myself, the people I work with, and for users. This comes across in the effort and dedication put into the development of every project I have worked on, ensuring that the vision for the product I see is met. I’m looking forward with great anticipation to new challenges that continuing my professional career in Games Development will bring, and opportunities I feel would allow me to further develop upon my existing skills.

I am an avid supporter of diversity and integration in the games industry. Diversity leads to creativity, with people’s personal experiences affecting their work and the stories they want to tell and I feel this is important in allowing the medium to mature much like the film and television industries, and allow games to explore subjects it currently is unable to, such as sexuality, cultural, political, and societal issues, rather than traditional storytelling tropes. I feel that games would be an ideal way to communicate ideas on these subjects, allowing the audience to explore them at their own pace and through content in which they are in control of via interaction.