“Character Texture Generator” for my #RainbowJam16 Game



So Here is my “CharacterTextureGenerator” script i used for my incomplete #RainbowJam16¬†project “Chatr”.

So a quick run through of what it is actually doing:
Basically i had 3 folders with sprites in (Backgrounds, Accessories, and Bodies), what the script does is load those textures, and then combines a randomly chosen background, body, and multiple accessories o get the given result.

I’m making a lot of assumptions about the size of the sprites, so i knew my sprites were all 16*16 and that they should be aligned perfectly when placed on top of each. And there was no intelligent checking that multiple “Hair” or “Clothes” accessories were being layered on top of each other unfortunately, but that could be rectified with further work. I’ll be sure to further expand upon this in the future!