An Indie Developers Journey from Origin to VR

Last week the Tag Team was in force at Develop 2015 in Brighton. While Paul and Nina took care of business, myself, Joanna and Hannah attended the conference sessions and reported back on their highlights from a week of inspiring talks.

My highlight from the conference was a talk from Ana Ribeiro from Pixel Ripped, who shared her journey from Pie Maker to VR Developer!

20150716 121538

Ana kicked off her talk by discussing her origins as a government employee in Brazil where she experienced an overwhelming lack of creativity and to compensate, Ana began creating pie recipes which she baked. Ana explained that her pies soon developed a large demand which led her to start up her own pie company. Ana was often asked where she saw herself and the business in five years’ time and struggled to answer. This was a turning point in Ana’s career where she realised developing computer games was really where she saw her future leading and processing a new found confidence in her creative ability along with her freshly learnt business skills, she developed from her pie making business, emigrating to England to study games programming. Ana is now the brains (and insanity) behind Pixel Ripped – a game development team of six, creating retro VR games.

The thing I found most inspiring about Ana’s talk was the manner in which she applied her previous life experiences to game development, from creating recipes/designing games to selling pies to customers/dealing with players. It was fascinating to hear real life skills translating into practical development skills, and to hear her pure and genuine passion for game development. Ana’s inspirational story is an example that no matter what you do, if you pursue your dreams nothing is out of reach, something which I believe in too.

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