Downton Abbey: Mysteries of the Manor

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Downton Abbey Title

Downton Abbey Title

Downton Abbey: Mysteries of the Manor is a Hidden object game based on the tv-show Downton Abbey, developed by Tag Games and created in collaboration with global publisher Activision.

The game was developed in C++ using Chilli Source. On the project I was tasked with developing a HUD System for the game’s HUB Map, UI programming and functionality for various different screens and features within the game, including; HUD, Map, Inventory, Hidden Object Game UI, Global Quests, and Daily Order Quests, as well as various other systems and gameplay features.

The mobile game is set in the famous Abbey. Players take on the role of a private detective, hired by the Crawley family, to act as an undercover butler and unravel the mystery of why the family home has been ransacked. The player must explore 15 photo-realistic rooms, interrogate 11 disingenuous characters from the TV series to unearth segments of the story, piece together the clues and crack the puzzle.

Downton Abbey: Mysteries of the Manor is available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon App Store.